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Lone Star RPM LLC

The product of a Type A Engineer, a very talented mechanic, and a Star in the Making...

In the summer of 2008 oil prices spiked to record levels.  I found myself fixated on the concept of building an electric car.  I didn't want just any electric car -- it had to be something worthy of the investment, and thrilling to drive.  I didn't have $100K lying around to drop on a Tesla Roadster, so I had to dream up something that I could cobble together on my own.
I wanted to have a hot little roadster that could get me 50-60 miles between charges and achieve performance levels the original ICE (internal combustion engine) could belt out.   My research landed me on a Boxster.  Dual trunks, great performance, decent weight profile, a good coefficient of drag, and eternal looks.  I could justify dropping money into a ten year old car because it could nearly be mistaken for one puling off the showroom lot today.

While researching the Boxster, I literally stumbled across the incredible number of M96 engine issues.  I saw this as Nirvanna, a blessing in disguise.   I could get a hot sled and not have to pay for the engine.  My search was on.  It took me a little over a month to find my project car.
However, while I was closing on negotiations for my donor vehicle, the price of conversion was just soaring.  I quickly realized that my dreams of building a electric sports car was a fantasy.  However I had already committed to purchasing a 2000 Boxster S with a blown motor diagnosed with a cracker cylinder liner.  I had to change game plans.
My internet search went into overdrive.  A few keystrokes later -- things were coming into place.I found a solution to cracked cylinder liners via LnEngineering.  I found a cool video on Youtube that walked you through rebuilding an M96 engine.  Lastly, and most importantly, during my search for a donor car, I found a Porsche nut with a Co-op garage, and an eager young mechanic anxious to work on a Wasserboxer! 
Yeah it all seemed a little crazy, but I figured what have I got to lose but money and even at its worst -- it was a heck of a lot cheaper than converting to electric -- and being a co-op garage -- I was welcome to come learn.
I couldn't resist.




A Star is Born.......


After a complete grounds up restoration and rebuild of the engine.  Six months later, Star was back on the road and is now my every day driver. She has nearly 6000 miles on the engine.  And even in 107 degree weather -- She's been running great!

Six months after Star was (re)born --- Lone Star RPM, LLC opened it's "doors" for business....