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Lone Star RPM, LLC goes Racing and hand delivers

a recent engine rebuild to customer.


Customer's 2003 Boxster S had an IMS that self destructed.  Sadly the car had just had an RMS replaced at his local dealership.  

When he had it towed into the same dealership a week later with the IMS failure

he was given a $large bill for a complete engine replacement.


Fortunately he called Lone Star RPM, LLC.  After a lengthy phone conversation he put his car and his trust in our hands.

We had his car shipped to Austin the next day.

We pulled the engine and opened it up to find that the IMS was indeed destroyed.


We were able to source a new IMS Tube, perform an IMS Retrofit, upgrade to an aluminum billet chain tensioner, had our partner do a complete valve job, performed a few other upgrades and parts replacement.

We then hand delivered the car at our LeMons race for ~1/2 the original Porsche bill.



Customer Car in Foreground, 924S LeMons car rear right, 944 back up and universal donor car rear left.  Loaded up and headed for 24 Hours of LeMons.