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Installed IMS Upgrade from LNEngineering

Bringing forth an affordable alternative to replacement engines, at a quality and reliability competitive with Porsche factory rebuilds.

Each engine from Lone Star RPM LLC employs re-engineered components from some of the most advanced 3rd party contributors in the M96 engine arena.  In each engine we refurbish or rebuld, Lone Star RPM LLC installs an IMS upgrade from www.LnEngineering.com (Example at left is installed in a 3.2L Boxster).  We also address other known M96 issues by including a new water pump, timing chain guides, low temperature thermostats, and magnetic oil drain plugs.  We also offer additional improved components from LnEngineering and Flat6Innovations.  Lone Star RPM LLC seeks to provide an economical but high quality and reliable M96 engine alternative to costly factory Porsche replacement engines or unproven salvage yard engines.


Some might wonder as to why go to all the extra expense of adding upgrades to a refurbished or rebuilt motor? 
Simply put, we don't ever want you to pull your oil filter and mistake it for a Christmas ornament like this one from a 99 Boxster with an IMS failure.
That is why Lone Star RPM, LLC and Silent Automotive is offering the LnEngineering IMS Retrofit, RMS Seal, and Clutch replacement for most M96 engines for less than your local dealership will charge you just for a clutch replacement.
How can we offer such deals?  We love our cars, but we are budget minded too.  We don't have a fancy shop to maintain, nor do we have any illusions of retiring off your hard earned money. We want you to enjoy your Porsches and not be losing sleep at night over an imploded engine or skyrocketing maintenance bills.

Lone Star RPM, LLC Product Offerings:
Aside from good dependable and affordable service through our Silent Automotive partnership,
Lone Star RPM, LLC will soon have several engines for sale as well as two refurbished Boxsters.
We have 3 2 996 engines in the process of being refurbished as well as a base model 986 2.5L engine (SOLD).  We are
also refurbishing a 99 Boxster (SOLD) and a 2000 Boxster (SOLD)

We are currently working on a 2.7L Boxster and a 3.2L Boxster Engine rebuild.
Each engine we refurbish will have enhanced features and new components to address several of 
the known weak spots in the M96 engines.

You need not wait until you need a new engine to do business with Lone Star RPM, LLC. 
We can also acquire and install improvements offered by our partners.
Our current list of partners are well known for their excellence:
Lone Star RPM LLC looks to utilize and broaden our established partnerships with leading suppliers of M96 engine technology so that we may offer our clients the best possible alternatives for their Porsche Boxster, Carrera and Cayman needs.

Here are a few pictures of what will soon be available.

1999 Porsche Boxster, 95K miles, 75K miles on engine, complete engine refurbishment, including LN Engineering IMS Retrofit and Transmission Filter and Fluids replaced.
It is forsale if you can pry my wife's hands off of "Angel"  asking $11,500. SOLD
Recently seen doing 95mph+ tailing a Carrera C4 at the 2010 Boxstoberfest.